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New telephone number


Please note that we have changed our telephone number. The new number is +46 (0)8 653 50 00

Mobile Scan to Email Service


Imagine scanning a paper document on the road, sending it safely over the mobile network to a pre-defined receiver with acknowledgement that delivery went fine and in a minute have it delivered to the right person anywhere in the world. Click on header to read more.

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All about Possio Scan to Email Services PDF Print E-mail

Possio launch its first offering in the Secure Mobile Digitalization category. With Possio Mobile Scan to Email Service users can scan paper documents anywhere and transfer them securely to pre-defined email addresses. The scanner collects data from when the document was scanned and attach it to the document for routing, authentication and traceability. Scanners are managed remotely and use an encrypted connection for secure data transfer.

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SVEA GSM Connector PDF Print E-mail

SVEA_II_unitSVEA is a generic product for connecting devices for fixed telephone networks to a GSM network. This allows customers and operators to use devices like traditional telephones, DECT phones, fax machines or conference phones even if no traditional fixed line networks are available. SVEA is used in environments like wireless offices and homes, temporary buildings, rural areas and vehicles to provide services such as telephony and narrow band data applications like fax, alarm and monitoring.

Possio GRETA GSM Fax & Printer PDF Print E-mail


GRETA is a mobile fax, printer, copier, scanner, SMS printer and phone. Easy to install and weighs only 1 kg / 35 oz.


Multi-Function Mobile Office - Send, receive, and print paper documents while on the road!


Fax signed contracts and delivery notes directly to the office while on the road


Make paper copies anytime, anywhere


Connect GRETA to your laptop to print and scan documents


Get SMS printed on paper

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FRIDA Fixed GSM Phone PDF Print E-mail

FRIDA looks and feels like a traditional fixed telephone. Everything else is different. FRIDA connects wirelessly over the GSM network why it can be used where no fixed lines are available or to save expensive fixed line subscription fees. Despite its look and feel FRIDA is a standard GSM phone. Like all other GSM phones you can bring FRIDA with you, change type of subscription and operator.

You can even send and receive SMS. FRIDA supports external antennas which helps if GSM coverage is poor. Mobile phones are personal and FRIDA also fulfills the need for shared phones. With a shared GSM phone people can still call a household, a location, a company, etc.

Frida Technical Specification
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